The History of Corum

Acknowledged both for the aesthetic appeal of its models and for its technical excellence, Corum is proud to contribute to perpetuating the time-honored values and expertise of fine watchmaking, and to be propelling them firmly towards the future by creating tomorrow’s watchmaking today. Founded in 1955 in La Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland), Corum has adopted creativity, consistency and a long-term vision as its guiding principles. We are pursuing the path traced by the founders, remaining more loyal than ever to the iconic collections that have forged the brand’s identity and reputation, while enriching them with a modern touch blending innovation and technical breakthroughs. The continuity and the longevity of its collections are not mere words at Corum: the Admiral’s Cup has been sailing the oceans for more than 50 years, while the Bridges collection has been making its mark on watchmaking history for 35 years. Several models belonging to the Heritage collection, such as the Feather Watch or the 20 Dollars Coin Watch, have left an indelible imprint. Building on this proud heritage, our clear-cut objective is to consistently look to the future. Witness the brand emblem: the key pointing skywards symbolizes a mystery to be elucidated, an enigma to be resolved, and new territories to be explored. History is definitely in the making at Corum.

Admiral’s Cup Collection

Created in 1960, the Admiral’s Cup watch by Corum is now an icon for all devotees of sailing and other noble sports. Its twelve-sided bezel and its nautical pennants have been forging its legend for over 50 years. Designed for all those with a passion for the sea and indeed for all born adventurers, the Admiral’s Cup collection encompasses two different worlds: the Legend line, featuring an elegant design and endowed with classical functions and the rugged and sophisticated AC-One line intended for extreme sports enthusiast.

Bridges Collection

First presented by Corum in 1980, the Golden Bridge model and its exceptional linear baguette movement have made a lasting impression on watchmaking history. Built according to a resolutely linear design and calling for exceptional horological expertise, Corum’s exclusive Golden Bridge movement has since then revealed its full force and given rise to some of the brand’s most fabulous timepieces, incorporated within the Bridges collection. Over 30 years since it was first unveiled, the Bridges collection, enlivened by various evolved versions of the Golden Bridge movement, remains unequalled in the watchmaking world.

Heritage Collection

Boldness, youthfulness and spontaneity: Corum’s history is brimming with models imbued with these characteristics. Their originality and their strength have enabled them to make their mark on their respective eras and contributed to the recognition Corum has earned as one of the most creative fine watchmaking brands. The Heritage collection pays tribute to these emblematic models by offering re-editions strongly inspired by the originals – such as the legendary model, the 20 Dollar Coin Watch, houses an ultra-thin movement fitted inside a genuine 20-dollar gold coin or the Feather model. Displayed in 1970 for the first time, the Feather showcases a dial actually made of a real peacock feather. When Haute Couture meets watch-making. The latest newcomer to this collection is the Bubble: While retaining all the design codes of the original, the 2015 Bubble shows how the design of the original was strong enough to be considered, as soon as it was released, already a part of the design heritage of the industry.